McLaren’s top seller loses its top. We drool.

Sunshine is at a minimum this time of year in England, but that didn’t stop McLaren from launching their 720S Spider. Maybe we should blame the Brexit for this seemingly misplaced launch? Or should we thank the brand for making us fantasize about cruising down a sunny boulevard in a 720 HP, 770 Nm strong convertible? 

McLaren pulled the same trick out of their hat with the 720S Spider as with the 650S Spider. Like the generation before, the monocage allows for both chassis shapes to ride on it, with only minute changes needed between the two. In this case that means: a foldable roof with no loss in terms of accelerating capabilities, all for the price of just 49 additional kilograms. Better leave the model wife at home, if you’re a handling purist.

As stated above, the 720S Spider doesn’t lose any accelerating capabilities in comparison to its closed brother. The car does however have a lower top speed with the roof down, a tiny 16 kilometres… That’s 325 KPH. That’s hurricane wind speed.

Enough about facts. We all know convertibles appeal more to emotion than logic. Good thing the nailed the design.