Okay you nerds, it was 304.77mph 

Bugatti has always had a trick up their sleeve, the VW Group’s Ehra-Lessien test facility. This the longest, smoothest straight on the damn planet and the ideal place to truly go all out. Today the brand launched footage of a 300mph Chiron ripping over that road. It topped out at 304.77 MPH and that translates into 490.47kph, finally justifying the existence of the speedometer in the Chiron. The car isn’t stock tho…

To create this 300mph Chiron, Bugatti modified the car to a certain extend. To reduce drag, the Chiron grew a long tail with a length of 250 millimeters. Aero got a rework, the air brake was dropped and power is upped to nearly 1600HP. To be on the safe side, the brand had special Michelins developed for the car and even X-rayed them before the run.

You’ll find the footage below and I guess you’ll be as blown away as we are over here. We can’t wait to be overkilled with the PR-techfest this will undoubtedly become.