Aston Martin has released a video of the 2018 Vantage GTE development, how it was designed and how it was tested.

The 2018 Vantage GTE has been revealed this week with Andy Palmer warning Porsche and Ferrari to watch out. The new Vantage GTE is set to pick up the gauntlet where the previous car left off.

Both the road and track car have been developed side by side so they both could learn from each car and trade tech from one side to another. The biggest change compared to the old car is the switch from the naturally aspirated V8 to the AMG-derived twin turbo V8.

Aston Martin is pretty confident the new Vantage will perform exceptionally considering they’ve called out Ferrari and Porsche and titling this video: “The birth of a future champion”.

Whether or not the 2018 Vantage GTE is going to be a future champion, it’s a damn good looking and good sounding contender. Enjoy the full development video and sounds from the new and old Vantage GTE.