Way up north, Arvidsjaur area in Sweden kind of north. Where testing includes all types of weather you can think of, BMWs 2018 M5 was busy with the cold part of the test cycle.

The 2018 BMW M5 is a car that is rumoured to change the ‘M5-game’ for BMW. Change in the meaning of expanding the market. Currently only offering only a RWD saloon setup, the 2018 model is rumoured to appear wiht AWD as an option and even as a wagon. Yup, like the good old E61 M5.

All those rumours aren’t confirmed by the spy shots however. The image hit the web via Dutch based GTSpirit. Images clearly showing an M5 setup we already know, a saloon one. Quad exhaust are also present, something that will probably never change…until the iPerformance tightens it’s grip that is.

2018 M5 most powerful to date

The 2018 M5 is rumoured to trump the current M5 30 Jahre edition, an edition with 600 PS coming from its 4.4 liter V8. For now this is mostly speculation, speculation carried industry wide that is. When more information rolls in, be it RWD or AWD, we’ll update you again.