The Viper ACR is a force to be reckoned with 13 track records it’s one of the most extreme road legal cars built. But Dodge stopped after that and left the main crown unchallenged. Thanks to the Viper community that’s about to change. It’s returning to the Ring to take back the record.

It started back in January, an enthusiast named Russ Oasis wanted to take matters in his own hands and do what Dodge should’ve done: take the latest Viper ACR to Germany, lap the infamous Nordschleife and break records.

However, it’s nearly impossible to do that single handed so he started a fundraiser on GoFundMe where he wanted to bring the Viper community together and support his vision to bring Stryker back to the Nurburgring. Quickly ViperExchange joined in to provide 2 Viper ACR GTS-R Commemorative Editions for the record run. 

After that support quickly started rolling in and the Viper enthusiasts backed the fundraiser. As it grew, more partners like Kuhmo Tires and Prefix joined in. Now after 5 months the moment has arrived. As we speak, 2 ACR’s are on board a ship heading towards Germany.

Next month it’s going to do what it was always meant to do, tame the Green Hell and set down an amazing lap time. Whilst the cars are on their way, the fundraiser is still ongoing. Renting the Ring is insanely expensive (13.000$ an hour) and if hick-ups would occur, the extra money will be well needed. Link is right here.

It would be the most amazing way of saying goodbye since production stops this summer. It’s time to show what American cars are capable of. We truly love Dodge’s supercar and we’re sad to see it go. But like all great heroes, it won’t go down without a final battle ’till the end.