Endurance racing is tough, not  only for the drivers and crew but also for their cars. The 24 Hours of Spa is no different here.

24 hour races are one of the most challenging races for racing drivers, the 24 Hours of Spa might even be one of the most challenging ones. Driver errors and car failures hide along the way and many don’t make it until the end.

Out of 63 cars this year, only 35 were able to see the chequered flag after 24 hours of racing. And retirements have many different causes.

Sometimes it’s a mechanical or electrical failure happening on track where the car is unable to reach the pit box for repairs. These are the mild victims of the 24 Hours of Spa.

However different weather conditions combined with lack of sleep can cause great carnage.

Missing the right braking point is one of the mistakes coming from racing in the dark or lack of sleep. But Spa-Francorchamps can be very unforgiving from time to time…

These wrecks prove how difficult a 24 Hour race is. But it also shows how these cars are built like tanks nowadays. Every driver escaped out of these crashes without major injuries. And although it’s hard to throw in the towel. These retirements give opportunities to both teams and manufacturer to improve the car’s durability and safety.