How big is the difference between those 4 letters and not having them in the real world? 

Audi’s current-gen R8 is only available with a V10 engine at this point in time. Following in line with the previous-gen Audi R8, the brand does offer a standard version and a so called ‘Plus’ version. Selecting that option will set you back somewhere around the 20k mark, depending on the country and currency. It does do more than empty one’s bankaccount. Power from the DOHC V-10 jumps from 540 to 610 horsepower and that’s frankly all that’s relevant for this R8 versus R8 Plus drag race. 

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Where normal people buy an Audi R8 Plus as a safe winter-supercar, the guys from AutoExpress drag both versions to an empty landing strip and drag race them on a 1 kilometer stretch. Drag race them for the sole purpose of comparing the R8 and R8 Plus. On paper the 70 horsepower difference should give the Audi R8 Plus a 3 tenths of a second advantage to a hundred. That small margine should grown over the distance the cars travel.

Check out how big the difference is in the video below. A straight forward video that’s nothing more than facts, the race and a recap. Just like it should be in an Audi R8 versus R8 Plus drag race.

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