Going Koenigsegg on your 911

There’s cool carbon options and then there’s this; Porsche carbon rims. Just like any other carbon rim around (Koenigsegg has a hang of it too), these are way bigger bragging rights than anything else fitted to high-horsepower cars. Porsche managed to move even beyond that by slapping their iconic center-lock into the middle of it.

For now Porsche is only offering their new set rims on the 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series, but only a fool would think that the other models won’t benefit from this option in the near future. The brand is currently just getting the hang building the rims over the backs customers, a comfortable and trailed approach in the industry. As you will see in the gallery down below, if you managed to finish reading this before you get distracted by the images, the Porsche carbon rims take quite the expertise to construct. 

More than just cool, Porsche is now in fact offering a massive handling improvement on the 911. Reducing unsprung weight has major benefits in terms of how a car steers. Effectively it is reducing the effect inertia has while the wheels bounce off, and back down, to the surface of the road. And carbon rims are of course far lighter than any metal can be, so you get the point. They’re like the holy grail of unsprung weight. 


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