Consumer Electronics Show and cars? Yes people, for a while now it’s been a thing

CES was here, or is still here, and that means lots of tech-news. Where some inventions make it all the more obvious we will one day wipe ourselves off the face of the earth, others promise more hopeful things. But what really shows through is the fact that the automotive industry will focus more and more on this annual event. 

Toyota, Faraday Future, Honda, BMW and many other manufacturers are present this year’s show. That number of manufacturers has steadily been on an increase and sometimes even the performance brands like McLaren get involved. Where established brands tend to show concepts like BWM showing off a holographic interface, EV manufacturers drop more serious projects. 

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Biggest news at this year’s CES wasn’t the Mercedes hypercar, it was Faraday Future with their FF 91. An MPV based EV that promises to annihilate any ICE-cars out there with its insane acceleration. Zero to a hundred in 2.39 seconds to be precise. And it’s looking like CES is the ideal platform for brands like Faraday future and the young industry of electric vehicles. The political climate is just right, there’s plenty of tech-heads innovating harder than their macho grease-knuckle equivalents ever did and the mindset seems to be just right. 

CES has welcomed EVs with open arms since the beginning, unlike the rest of the world. With the future of the automotive industry heavily depending on electric cars, CES will undoubtedly become a major show for us ‘petrolheads’ in the near future. Mark my words.