Upmarket dynamics, something mysterious 

When the world was witness to the birth of the 650S Spider they als told a little secret about the builds. McLaren’s Monocell was developed as something roofles in the first place, annihilating massive weight increases between coupes and Spiders built on it. So when the 570S was presented, a topless version seemed inevitable. And it was, as McLaren has unveiled the 570S Spider today.  
Falling in line with other Spiders in the McLaren line up, the 570S Spider doesn’t differ greatly from its closed sibling. One of the biggest changes is that it gets a (12mm) raised rear-spoiler to cope with the changed aerodynamical-properties caused by the missing roof. In addition, the car weighs 46 kilograms more with no comprises made in terms of chassis stiffness. No changes have been made to the drivetrain, meaning the smallest Spider on offer still hits a hundred in 3.2 seconds. 

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Essentially the 570S Spider is a downright bargain at £164,750. You’re getting a V8 at your disposal, a very stiff carbon monocoque, and best of all is the fact that this package offersaround 425 horsepower per tonne. The catch? You’re buying their old chassis.