Size does matter

Remember that lengthy red concept car Mercedes-Maybach showed last year? Well, they chopped the roof off for the annual ‘car week’ in Monterey. It wears the name Maybach 6 cabriolet and it is every bit as (ridiculous) luxurious as you’d expect. 

Although Mercedes felt the need to throw technical data at us, what really counts are the looks of this concept. Okay, okay. The drivetrain kind of does too; Mercedes is stepping up the game with its electric engines, range is still very short at 200 miles. But like I said, looks are what really, really count for the Maybach 6 cabriolet. Why? Because these shapes, in some sense, are what the brand will adopt in the very near future. 

Electric drivetrains that push out 750 horsepower are cool, but a little less when you consider it’s hauling around a 6 meter long convertible. That carries just two people. So for now just stick to buying the monstrous S650 Cabriolet, if can’t resist buying a Maybach droptop.

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