After 25 years the Viper production has come to an end. The last Viper wears a red paint and 5 spoke chrome wheels.

As FCA announced last month, that the Viper assembly plant was shut down yesterday. Leaving images of the last viper being signed off.

Global Head of Design at FCA Ralph Gilles captured the very last moments of the Viper production. A red Viper with chrome 5 spoke rims will go to the company’s heritage collection. The very last customer Viper is a yellow Viper ACR Extreme Aero with black racing stripes.

The Viper is one of the all time American favourites. It lived from 1992 all the way to yesterday. In its life there were 5 cycles and 3 snakes: Sneaky Pete, Fangs and Stryker clad the Viper with pride throughout the years.

But as years went by and tires were shred, the Viper ran out of reasons to live. The last Viper model that spawned was perhaps the best one of all: The Viper ACR. It shredded through multiple track records and a group of privateer is now trying to claim its biggest record: The Nordschleife.

Last Viper

So this is the end for the American Icon. So long Viper, we’ll miss you…