80 units will be built, which would translate into around 200 million dollars worth of turnover…

Koenigsegg has just issued a press release in which they state that their brand new Regera has sold out. That’s right; a car that has barely seen daylight has already sold out. Has the world gone mad? Maybe it has, but the craving for this Swedish automotive-delicacy has never been this big.

Revolutionary is a word that would describe the Koenigsegg Regera perfectly. Not only does it feature a hybrid drivetrain of which the likes haven’t been seen before, it also hits the 400-mark in just 20 seconds. It’s so unique that skepticism reigned when it was first unveiled. That didn’t stop the potential customers though, as all of the 80 production slots have been filled.

Unless there’s any new model arriving soon, buying a brand new Koenigsegg won’t be an option for the next few years. Just how many years remains to be seen though, the brand is pushing hard to break free from its relatively low production cap.