The Detomaso Pantera is a car that has long been discontinued. But if you truly want a modern Pantera then the first step will be to buy a Lamborghini Huracán.

What? Buying an Huracán? It may sound crazy but a coachbuilder called ARES Design has designed a modern interpretation of what the Detomaso Pantera could look like. And unlike some other kit cars, this one isn’t built on a tube chassis but on something a little more expensive.

Yep they chose a Lamborghini Huracán to be their donor for a modern looking Detomaso Pantera. It sounds a little crazy at first but once you see it, you’ll fall in love.

The design looks just stunning. It matches the Detomaso Pantera’s original looks with a flat rear deck, a pointy nose and (old school fans rejoice) pop-up headlights!

The car, called ‘Project Panther’ will go on sale in the second half of next year and it’ll keep the 5.2L V10 but nothing is known on the performance side yet. Although you can’t complain with the Huracán’s performance. Especially in a suit like this.