Even the best can improve. So Ferrari is developing an updated version of their  ultimate trackweapon. The FXX K Evoluzione is caught testing.

Visual improvements
YouTuber 19bozzy92 posted a video of the 2018 Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione testing at Monza. The footage shows us some new visual parts. Among other things, front and rear canards improve the aerodynamics of the car. Beneath that, the winglets are now connected by an actual wing. The most outstanding visual change however might be the Le Mans style shark fin in the back. Ferrari seems to follow the shark fin trend Mercedes-AMG recently started with their Project One. What’s changed underneath the body panels remains unknown. But most likely, there will be some slight changes too.

Enjoy the screaming V12 noises! And don’t forget to pay attention to the rear brakes just before the car enters the “Variante Rettifilo” chicane.