Just like with the P1 GTR, Aston Martin offers a road legal Vulcan conversion. And we get our first look at it in the wild.

When McLaren introduced the P1 GTR, the offered a conversion for the car to be used on the streets as well and it proved to be quite the hit. Aston Martin said they would offer the same package of creating a road legal Vulcan. It was quiet for quite a while and we were wondering if anybody actually wanted to take them up on the offer. But now it seems that the first customer has turned its Vulcan into a street going monster.

As you can tell by the pictures shared by Aston Martin Vulcan owner BritishBoy100, it’s a very different car. The most significant changes being the headlights added to the car and the wingdicators, yes the indicators are incorporated into the massive wing. Unfortunately there’s not much known yet about the overhaul in the internals but we expect it to feature a different suspension setup, more cooling, different brakes, gearbox,…

We hope to see more details about the road legal conversion made by the RML Group, check them out. They do a lot more cool stuff then only this Vulcan.