From California to Portofino 

Does 600 HP and 750 Nm sound familiar? It should, as that’s what the all new M5 pushes out, but add 10 Nm to the equation and you have the output of Ferrari’s latest prancing horse. Latest? Yup, Ferrari shocked the world today when they launched the all new Portofino. 
Not only does Portofino sound damn Italian, it actually is. It’s a small town somewhere up west, and now a name linked to Ferrari too. It will be used to label the successor the not-so-loved California T. Power for the new Fezza is stated above, but more technical data accompanied the press release. The car still uses a RWD setup, still uses a metal roof construction and is “all new”, said the brand. As a powerhouse, the car uses a twin turbo setup hooked to a V8.
Looks have taken a massive step forward on the latest Ferrari, especially compared to the heavily criticized predecessor. Are a new aggressive face, stylish rear and 3.5 to a hundred be enough to get sales going? Only time will tell. 

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