Efficiency, purpose-build or be it simplicity, the three most common drivetrains offer totally different ways to go about

For most of us, assuming you purposely visited our website as an automotive enthusiast, the existence of various ways to put engine power down is fundamental knowledge. Which is best or is a personal preference vastly differs and that people, calls for a drivetrain comparison!

For this video the drivetrain comparison is held between the most common layouts out there: AWD, FWD and of course RWD. But instead of doing it with cars like a A3 TDi Quattro, a Prius and an E220d Coupe, Car Throttle used an epic trio for these test. A Ford Focus RS (review here), a BMW M140i without X-Drive and a Honda Civic Type R are brought forth to battle it out in the arena. A slippery wet arena, as one would expect while filming in England. 

The effectiveness is purely measured by laptime in this video and you guessed it, the Focus RS ends up on top. Second and third also hold up very nicely under the conditions, the BMW giving the most sideway-fun. That’s basically the video, 3 cars, 3 laps and a hell of a lot of facts. 

Via RoadAndTrack