Another one of Luke’s epic trips, this time he finds himself in an icy forest with an R8 V10 Plus

Cars With Luke is a YouTuber that is know for the high quality video content he produces, with the Alpine scenery being the most striking part of the productions. We recently partnered up with him in order to offer you a wider variety of content. The first product was the pocket rocket Audi A1 Quattro showcase and one of the latest collaborations resulted in the making of the epic 599 GTO Fernando Alonso video. All of these things happening in the beautiful scenery of Switzerland.

Cars With Luke Winter Drive

Where most supercar owners store their toys safely for winter, other owners get a supercar specifically for the winter. And an Audi R8 V10 Plus is an ideal candidate for such demands, as this video demonstrates. Quattro makes the car handle so well in less grippy conditions. There’s no review being made in this video, it’s just a V10 playing around in the snow. The sound of those is just so amazing. We sure hope they won’t be dying out in the future because V10’s are one of the most amazing engines out there. Enjoy.