No Z5? Why you change names so often BMW?

The world is lusting after a BMW that can finally show the brand’s true potential. It has been for what seems decades since the German manufacturer managed to rival Mercedes and even Audi. From an Audi R8 to even the SLR, BMW stood and watched at them being the cool guys. Watched but really didn’t do anything other than building the beating heart of the infamous McLaren F1. But now the brand seems eager to join the pack of cool, sexy guys, first the M8 and also a BMW Z4 successor were announced. That last car will be show at the annual Car Week in the USA. You’ll love it.

While the press release contains mostly a collection of words used by artistic people, it also contain information for people with normal brains. It’s actually at the very top too; the name of the BMW Z4 Successor concept hints at the new name. Well, actually the old name and the fact that we won’t see a Z5. A name linked to Toyota’s Supra successor, as the brand has joined hands to create a sports car.

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In 2018 the successor is said to head into production. But in what shape and with which powertrain is unknown till this date.