The successor to the infamous ‘widow maker’ 911 is here, no more digital unveilings 

Often referred to as a VW Beetle, the Porsche 911 has been around for over half a century. From the beginning the car has been developed for sportiness, but it’s safe to assume good ol’ Ferdinand didn’t expect 700hp to end up in the 911. Times have changes massively since that man died, so much that even the bases 911s now use turbochargers. Another testimony to that change is the fact that the highly anticipated 911 GT2 RS isn’t even a new concept. One in the 991.2 series of the 911 is.

Excitement for this car is based around two things: it (presumably) ending the 991.2 series and the fact that it’s a completely bonkers machine. Just how crazy is something that becomes apparent when summing up the figures. Bringing 700hp and 750NM to the road, the 911 GT2 RS hits hundred in just 2.8, maxes out at 340 KPH, and is the most expensive 911 ever at around 300.000 euros. To handle its insane power plant, Porsche slaps in a racing chassis with rear-axle steering, all while keeping weight around the 1500-kilogram-mark. And that’s where it ends really, as this car is all about numbers. Just another flavor of a 911 you could say. 

There’s little options to choose from but some paint and wether or not one will opt for a 23k Weissach-Package. Porsche isn’t even letting buyers choose a manual option, which probably is a good thing. 

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