Leaks and teasers go hand in hand

With just one day left before the official launch, the F90 generation of the infamous M5 has leaked via Korea. This nuclear weapon to come from Munich will be powered by a 600 HP drivetrain, launching its power towards the target with all four wheels. Sadly, the leaks of this highly anticipated car are just pictures. The technical facts of the 2018 BMW M5 still remain safely secured in a suitcase somewhere undisclosed. 

3D renders of the 2018 BMW M5 leaked very quickly after the current-gen 5 Series launched. They were the vague ones, which required a lot of fantasying. And why would you fantasize about something that won’t differ much from the standard car it is based on? Because it’s an M5, one that doesn’t carry the standard RWD-setup anymore. Revolutionary for the brand. This makes it possible to offer a drift-mode button. With a touch of the button the car is able to send all it’s available power towards the rear wheels turning the safe awd performance sedan into a mad rwd beast.

Enough words! I know you’re just here for the pictures. 

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