Nothing but more wings and flashy paint 

The word Vulcan generates a variety of enthausiam throughout our planet’s populations. Where nerds dream away at episodes of Star Trek, the world of petrolheads dream away at the thought of a almost alien Aston Martin. That last dream just got lifted to another level by the brand: meet the Vulcan AMR Pro.
So what’s new? The livery and new aero, and nothing more. Not really the fantasy fuelled successor to a dream-machine like the Vulcan right? Wrong. The car is already a downright beast, carrying a V12 that fires 800hp at the tires in an attempt to kill all eardrums in a 2 kilometre radius. So there’s very litte brand could have done (sure, they could have upped the power beyond logic). What this Vulcan AMR Pro does is generating new publicity for their new performance sub-label AMR and it’s doing it quite well.
It does raise the question if their (other) insane car, the Valkyrie, will also get a AMR-Pro-treatment. If it does, the brand will hopefully come up with more than adding wings and a racing-inspired livery. Something that actually makes you want to buy the AMR package, something like a full visible carbon shell…

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